Croatian*** word for INCREDIBLE, unpronounceable in English

The Edge Marketing

No guts, no glory. Frightening but true.

Don't worry, we don't gamble. But it takes a courage to decide and choose a different marketing approach. In the same time exotic but efficient. Still, the questions remain, "Who else is doing it?", "Why didn't I hear of that?", "What the heck is Edge marketing?"

What we do?

We sympathize
We talk to you, feel your emotions, your desires and your passion for where you want to be tomorrow. Together we help you build your empire. Remember, we know. Feelings are superior to facts. They are the motor, the motivator, the executor.

We analyze
We concentrate on The Search Engine (capitalized, because we all know it is Google). Everyone starts there. Input some keywords, mouse click, expectation, recognition, action, repeat. It is how we function. We don't waste time on the second page of the Google Results. So we analyze the background of better-positioned rivals and recommend the strategy of taking you to the top.

We realize
We find a way to get you to the top. We use various strategies including on-site SEO, and off-site SEO. This term "Various Strategies" is what we sell. This is what we do. We call it Edge Marketing.



The funnel

We are screaming out that the behavior of the online buyer has substantially changed. We all go down the same funnel which consists of four stages.

  1. Awareness (See)
  2. Consideration (Think)
  3. Purchase (Do)
  4. Post-purchase experience (Care)

Every stage requires totally different strategies, analysis, and action. We lead the way through the process of adjusting your content (and more) to suit all four phases.

The strategies

We have to empathize with the customer and be aware that for some products or services it takes time to decide, while on the other hand some other products or services the decision is made instantly. And this is just a beginning.  Some customers need encouraging, some hate it. Some businesses have tons of competition, some don't. Some have poor websites, some have excellent.

We take hundreds of variables into account (with the help of software) and sort out how to improve your position. But we never lose position, we always push it upward.